The Problem is… We all know what to do – work hard, make the phone calls, believe in ourselves, get on Zoom, learn new programs, love ourselves, get on Facebook/Linkedin/Instagram. 

Oh yeah, also take care of ourselves while trying to keep up with what everyone one else is doing, make money, take great care of the kids, stop arguing with our spouse/partner and BTW, now do that 24/7 while staying at home!

Sherlock I figured it out

But HOW do we do that?

First of all, did anyone ever teach you HOW to believe in yourself? I always asked myself, “Based on what am I supposed to believe in me?” 

You see, I went from being worth over a million dollars to having $7.41 in my bank account. And while I was going through that, people would always say to me…  

“Marty, Just love yourself.” 
“Marty, Just believe in yourself!”

I would think,

“No, sh*t Sherlock! 
Tell me something I don’t already know!”

Well, I figured it out!

I figured out HOW we can learn to love ourselves, to believe in ourselves and to manage the demands life places on us with grace, understanding and compassion. With that knowledge, making the money and difference we want can be done in less time and with less effort. 

THE REASON 99% of most group programs flop is 
they give you the what-to-do NOT the HOW-To-Do-It. 

The solution… I want to offer you a way to get that knowledge and learn HOW to use it on a consistent basis so you can get results. 


All the programs in the world won’t do you any good, if you cannot execute them. 


If you do not have the Mindset to sustain your clarity and conviction, the Emotional Intelligence to overcome all odds, and the Skillset to be financially secure, then all your work is for nothing. 

I realized is we all need ONGOING support. Who could possibly do all this on their own? We think everyone else is doing it on their own but they’re not! Or if they are, how well are they really doing? Something has got to give – body, mind, spirit, your relationships. Something breaks down or becomes out of balance. 


Without support, it is just TOO HARD to keep believing in ourselves every day, figuring out how to manage emotions like: anger, frustration, not good enough, inadequate, never going to make it, sad, lost, lonely, depressed, out of control, just for starters. 


Everyone needs to have a boost, encouragement, fresh perspective, words of wisdom, cheerleaders who are on our side.



Weekly Masterminds are opening up in July. 

The great thing about this group is that I don’t put lipstick on a pig and call it “Success.” I don’t just give you the what-to-do, I give you the how-to-do-it.

I am committed to giving you the tools that you want and also the ones that you really need.

What you learn in this group is how to be there for yourself each time you feel resistance. Instead, you will show up for yourself and take charge of your business.

Life is not about being positive. Life is about trusting and believing in you and knowing how to reset your mindset in an instant.

By this time next week, you could have answers to a struggle or challenges like:

  • What’s holding you back
  • What’s keeping you limited
  • How to have a better relationship with your children and/or your spouse.
  • How to become your own best friend and be a cheerleader for your success.

Is Mind Chatter Making You Doubt Yourself?

Mind Chatter. Off and on throughout your day, do you get distracted by thoughts like,  “You’ll never make it.” “What makes you think you’re so great? ” “No, I don’t want to hear what you have to say.” “Why did you do THAT?”  Doubt sneaks in. You change your mind about the action you were about to take. 

The fear that you’re not good enough keeps you from being focused on what you want to accomplish that day.  Instead, you lose your focus and drain your energy as you feel bad because you are wasting time. 

As a result of knowing how to Master Your Thoughts and filling your mind with your value, there will be little room for Mind Chatter. The consistency of participating in this weekly group is how you will develop a Master Mind. By taking consistent steps each day you move toward your vision, create greater profitability, and feel great about all you got done in a day.

Being with like-minded entrepreneurs as a member of the weekly BIBP Mastermind Group, you have the opportunity to explore an idea, concept, or topic that guides you to master your mind, so that you see what you want in your future, and to develop the toolset and the skillset to get you where you want to be.

Are Your Emotions Taking You on a Roller Coaster Ride?

I get it. With all that is going on in our environment, it is easy to go from feeling in-charge and on target to overwhelmed, lost, lonely, sad, and even insignificant. As much as we don’t want to feel it, Not Good Enough keeps popping up. It nags at our spirit and keeps us sidelined rather than out there hitting a home run with our business. 

One of the most powerful toolsets that you receive in the BIBP group is the evolutionary understanding of your emotions. 

Imagine being able to transform feelings like:

  • Not good enough
  • Frustrated
  • Frustrated
  • Irrelevant
  • Depressed

Into knowing where you are:

  • Good enough
  • How to be of integrity with yourself
  • Letting others know when you don’t feel heard or respected
  • Allowing yourself to express who you are fully

What difference would that make in your life and business?

When you know you can Master Your Emotions, you can pull yourself out of a downward spiral and be back on track in moments rather than hours or days. You can be more resilient and flexible vs resistant and stuck because you have the skillset to figure out what your emotions are awakening you to know at that moment. 

Is Profitability Just a Sometime Thing?

I know COVID-19 has made most of us rethink, retool and reorganize our businesses. Where the problem lies is if your mindset has not shifted, if you are questioning your value or returning to business as usual, your profitability may not be where you would like it to be.

Change takes time. Doing things in a Certain Way day after day takes effort and focus. Seeing your vision despite reality takes know-how. Doing it alone can seem daunting and you can lose sight of your vision.

When you have the HOW-TO for the What-to-Do, you can Master Your Profitability. Profitability will be an everyday thing not just a someday thing!

As a member of BIBP, you will Master Your Mindset and Emotions. You will discover how to keep yourself safe and secure while being bold and living an abundant life.

Rather than: 

  • Having one foot on the gas and one foot on the break going around in a circle, you can reap the rewards of keeping the pedal to the metal and keep the moneyconsistently flowing into your bank account.
  • Having one foot on the gas and one foot on the break going around in a circle, you can reap the rewards of keeping the pedal to the metal and keep the moneyconsistently flowing into your bank account.
  • Collapsing in on yourself and wanting to give up when a new skill has to be learned, you will have compassion for yourself and take yourself by the hand and figure it out.
  • Feeling out of control as you want to control the uncontrollable, you will take charge of yourself and inspire others to want to collaborate with you.
  • Being rigid and demanding of yourself and others, you will get results by focusing on relationships coming first and perfection coming second.
  • Seeing the world as against you and pushing everyone away, you will safely open that great big heart of yours and lead people to success and make the difference you want in the world.

Profitability will be an everyday thing, not a sometime thing! 


The Problem… We are born into a family and they do the best they can with the knowledge they have in the moment, but they aren’t always there for us in the way we need or want them to be.

The Solution… Image being in this group who has your back, who cares about you and your success. We are here to provide emotional support, be a brain trust, advisors sometimes – friends other times and cheerleaders every time.You can choose to be a member of the BIBP family or let the opportunity for ongoing support go by.

What’s unique about the Mastermind is each week you get evolutionary and revolutionary concepts, ideas, strategies to consider. Then you get to come and share your wisdom and perspective and listen to other’s ideas. With new knowledge and insights, you can then have a week where you know who you are, the difference you make, and how to transform emotional roadblocks into a smoother journey and greater profitability.


Evolutionary and revolutionary concepts, ideas, strategies to consider
to give you the HOW-to-Do-It and transform overwhelm.


To come and share your wisdom and perspective and

and listen to other’s ideas.


Have new knowledge and insights, you can then have a week where you know:
          →Who you are   
          →The difference you make
          →How to transform emotional roadblocks into a smoother journey
          →Experience greater profitability with more meaningful relationships
You are looking for someone to convince you that you’re ready to make changes.


You are not willing to be willing to see things differently.


You’re not open to implement and take action in order to get results.


You are looking for over night success story.

“You can’t get from anyone else what you can get from Marty.  BIBP Mastermind is an experience that changes your life.

The process is done in away no one else I have ever met can do it.  The materials and system Marty uses is unmatched in the coaching world.”

Brian Baird
The Effective Way – Great Vibes = Great Tribes

We need your gifts right now on the planet.
You have been chosen to be here now.
As you do your own work, you advance humanity.
Together, we can do this!

It’s time!

I am limiting the Masterminds to 10 people. I want to give you individualized attention and experience the cohesiveness of the group.

Just 10 Members Allowed.

If this kind of support is for you, follow God’s breadcrumb and join the Mastermind of your choice today!

In just in a few short sessions with Marty, I discovered I had basically been dancing to the beat of everyone else’s drum.

I went from feeling like a doormat to feeling in control of my life, my businesses, feeling energized and valued and was able to re-establish boundaries with my family that have allowed me to grow myself and my business 20%.”   

Tracy Strodered

CEO Everything Brevard

When you say, “I am Getting Serious About My Business” (GSAMB),
the universe shows up with opportunities and money.

Your life can change today!

What would it mean for you to have a group that:

  • Cares about you and your success.
  • Is committed enough to consistently show up each week.
  • Encourages you to take your business seriously.

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best, to be perfect. I knew Marty Ward was a transformational leader, but I had no idea I would be able to transform that self-imposed pressure and performance anxiety into leading Women’s Prosperity Network from a place of being at peace with who I am as I honor the gifts I have to give.

My relationship with myself, my loving husband, amazing sisters and members of WPN, is more connected, richer and fulfilling.

Thank you, Marty for showing me how to have more fun, joy, and fulfillment doing what I love and feeling great about who I am.   

Trish Carr
Co-Founder Women’s Prosperity Network


  • You get the next evolution in personal and professional development.
  • You get the next evolution in personal and professional development.
  • You get to align yourself with success and abundant living.
  • You learn how to be there for YOU each time you feel resistance.
  • You get ideas, answers, tools, and solutions on a weekly basis.
  • You get feedback in the moment from the group.
  • You get to share your wisdom, your ideas, and brainstorm the Thought For the Week.
  • You get one-on-one feedback from me to keep you balanced and on track.
  • Each week you get to reset your mindset with endless possibilities.
  • You have a super support structure of like minded people who have your back when you can't seem to get past stuck, struggle and overwhelm.
Unconsciously, often times we fall back into old patterns.
Our group is your lifeline. We keep each other from slipping back into old mindsets.  
In hours or a few days, not weeks or months, you can quickly go from stuck or depressed to back on track and moving steadily upward toward your goal. 
Working together, we hold each other accountable.


 Look, I get it. I’ve invested money over and over trying to learn how to get my life turned around and business off the ground. I understand how it feels to think about investing again when you haven’t seen an ROI. 

I’m extremely proud of the way I am able to have people see the best in who they are, be able to make the changes they desire to make, and also the way the group members are there to support each other.
I honestly believe that you’ll be more than happy with your investment. If not, just let me know and I will return that month’s investment.
Since I am limiting the Masterminds to only 10 people, I wanted you to be one of the first to know so you could reserve your spot right away.

Payment Options for 6-months

  • Lock in the group Lifetime price of $197 p/month
  • Receive an autograph copy of my book Get Clear Get Confident Get Going
  • Access to all video recordings
  • 10% discount (savings of $118)
  • Get 30 minutes of private coaching each month with me. (value $750)
  • 5% discount (savings of $59)
  • Get one 30 minute private coaching call with me. (value $126)

The group is limited to 10 people because I want to provide enough time for each of you to experience the transformation that you want. 

It’s important to have the necessary time to integrate the knowledge to ensure implementation on a daily basis so you can put the results in your pocketbook.

You don’t get the same old stuff that you’ve heard before. Instead, you get the next evolution in personal and professional development; allowing you to feel more confident and secure about yourself and your financial future. 


Pick your investment

Pick your payment plan :

  • 1 Pay - $1064
  • 2 Pay - $561
  • 6 Pay - $197

Get clarity and conviction about who you are and the gift you give our world.

Make an even bigger difference.

Align yourself with success and abundant living.

Marty L Ward, CSW, CSSW has a message that audiences around the world have cheered. Her goal is to give adults and children the tools to be so confident that no one can steal it from them. Her mission is to make bullying obsolete and civility a way of life. Her message has reached over 100,000 entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, pastors, care providers, and children around the world. 

Marty is a certified international speaker and trainer, a noted author of Get Clear Get Confident Get Going, founder of Confidence Builds Success Academy, 501c3, and been seen in the Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, FOX, and on Channel 13 News and Ugandan National TV and radio. 

Marty is the undisputed expert in how to motivate audiences to reignite their passion to create an impact and a difference in their work. She has consistently received rave reviews from CEOs, entrepreneurs, and corporate teams for teaching them to Kiss Procrastination Goodbye by knowing exactly what was holding them back and how to move forward every day to achieve top results. 

She has been a featured speaker at many conferences including the Society of Emotional Intelligence Conference, FATE Teachers Conference, International Mentoring Association, American Women’s Business Association (AWBA), and Women’s Prosperity Network UnConference and trained Care Providers, and sales teams.